About Us


235_mgmt_235For over three decades, T&M Protection Resources has been providing a growing portfolio of seamlessly integrated security, intelligence and investigative solutions to leading corporations, organizations and private clients. In a world of rapidly changing and ever-present threats to the safety and security of people, property and reputations, T&M is your partner in creating customized solutions that meet your goals for protection at the workplace, in the home and on the road.

Leading corporations, businesses and financial institutions entrust the safety and security of thousands of people and billions of dollars in assets to T&M. Beyond the efficiency and effectiveness of the professional capabilities we deploy, clients turn to T&M because of the unique personal involvement and commitment we bring to each relationship. T&M’s entire organization – including industry-recognized subject matter experts, investigative and research specialists, global intelligence advisors, security consultants and operations managers – consists of highly experienced career professionals that are former prosecutors, lawyers, previous members of federal, state and local law enforcement and private sector security experts, and they provide you with proven security solutions consistent with the industry’s best practices.

T&M focuses on the security needs of clients in corporate and private settings, as well as during domestic and international travel. Whether on short-term consultation or a long-term protection assignment, our professional and discreet approach enables us to build lasting relationships that meet our clients’ goals for quality service. An extensive global network of security partners, strengthened by the acquisition of several leading security companies in Israel, extends our reach throughout the U.S. and around the world. Services include: