Business Intelligence & Analysis

Today’s business leaders face unprecedented challenges and risks when making decisions. T&M’s Business Intelligence & Analysis division recognizes these challenges and is poised to provide high quality intelligence and research services to clients who need to stay competitive in an increasingly evolving business climate. Our skilled investigative and research team addresses clients’ most complex problems and treats each challenge as a unique engagement, starting by asking the right questions and combining our rigorous desktop research with human source intelligence and analysis to help clients mitigate risk and make better business decisions.

Solutions include:

  • Enhanced Global Due Diligence
    Never have companies and individuals had a more compelling need to practice thorough due diligence before undertaking acquisitions, mergers, investments or partnership agreements as they do now. T&M actively conducts due diligence in countries around the world using an experienced team of business professionals, former government and law enforcement experts, former journalists and skilled investigators and analysts. T&M’s experts delve into difficult questions, uncover hard to find facts, provide context and background for new intelligence presented and offer analysis and recommendations to inform decision makers.
  • Executive Level & Pre-Employment Background Screening
    T&M pre-employment screenings include a rigorous multi-step process designed to produce accurate and legally compliant results. Clients depend on T&M to conduct research and produce timely reports. Relying on our global network of sources, T&M has the ability to conduct these screenings in almost every location in the world.
  • Post-Employment Monitoring
    T&M understands the unique needs of our clients in assessing the potential risks posed by former employees. Monitoring the activities of employees after their separation from a company can reduce serious reputational, security and financial risks. T&M creates customized solutions for clients by combining desktop research and analysis with on-the-ground field investigative and data forensic services to help uncover crucial information regarding former employees, identifying any potential risk for our clients.
  • Social Media Monitoring, Threat Analysis & Advisory Services
    The rampant use of social media brings new challenges and potential risks to business executives, companies and high-profile individuals. T&M employs the most current tools to conduct social media monitoring, track social media usage and trends and identify potential threats against a client. In addition, our team can work closely with companies to develop employee social media usage policies and protocols. T&M recognizes that clients face unnecessary exposure on the Internet and we regularly provide digital information removal and advisory services to clients, helping them protect and secure their personal identities online.
  • Worldwide Destination Intelligence Briefings
    Since business is conducted across continents, today’s global executives and high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented business and personal risk when traveling overseas. T&M offers customized destination intelligence briefings for clients in anticipation of international trips and provides recommendations to clients to minimize risk while traveling. T&M’s global network of on-the-ground resources and our 24/7 Command Center provide clients with real time updates on events or incidents that may impact their safety and security throughout the duration of their trip.
  • Access to T&M’s 24/7 Command Center
    There is a growing demand in business to know things as they happen in real time. Having access to information quickly not only enhances personal security, but also gives clients an edge in decision making. All T&M activities are supported by the T&M Command Center (“TMCC”), a 24/7 emergency operations and incident response coordination center and security concierge that provides real-time situational awareness, including notifications and alerts, pertaining to security and other related information.