Celebrity Protection & Logistics

T&M’s Celebrity Protection & Logistics group provides worldwide personal protection and secure transportation to celebrities, sports professionals and other high-profile individuals and their families. Agents and Drivers, who are former members of law enforcement or the military with specialized training and experience in celebrity protection, recognize the importance of protecting the client’s image and brand and provide professional and discreet services sensitive to the client’s lifestyle and personal needs.

T&M’s Agents and Drivers conduct a security advance of vehicle routes and sites to be visited by the client. For the client’s privacy and convenience, T&M also coordinates with hotels, event hosts/planners, and event venues to conduct confidential early hotel check-ins and room inspections to enable ease of access for the client upon arrival. Agents assume close-in protection responsibilities during events, meetings and activities as needed, and support the client with additional logistical or personal requirements. T&M also liaises with law enforcement to ascertain any intelligence that may affect the security of the client.

In addition to protection and secure transportation, T&M’s comprehensive portfolio of security and investigations solutions offers clients added services that promote a holistic approach to personal safety and privacy while also acknowledging the importance of maintaining appropriate interaction with the client’s fan base and the general public.

  • Data Forensics & Information Security
    T&M offers a suite of e-information security and cyber identity protection services that shield clients from threats to their online privacy and deploy rapidly in response to suspected breaches or attacks. T&M’s Data Forensics and Information Security Experts evaluate and secure clients’ mobile devices and residential networks to prevent hacking attempts, which can often lead to personal photos, videos or communications being leaked to the media. This can have a devastating impact on a client’s reputation. For clients on the go, unsecured Wi-Fi connections, particularly in airports and hotels, create a vulnerability for cell phones and tablets that can easily be mitigated by T&M’s technical expertise. Online impersonation and cyber identity infringement is a growing concern for high-profile individuals, especially with the pervasiveness and viral speed of social media. Hijacked or cloned social media accounts can spread erroneous and reputation-damaging information around the world in mere seconds. T&M provides rapid expert response to identify the malicious activity, contain the situation and works to remove rogue postings and profiles. Data Forensics Experts can dissect the rogue activity to provide information on the suspected source or offender.
  • Social Media Monitoring
    T&M’s team of Intelligence Analysts conduct research into open source and social media sites, news outlets, message boards and blog postings, as well as public and proprietary databases, to identify information that may affect the reputation, well-being or safety of the client. T&M’s Social Media Monitoring services are an invaluable resource that enables informed decision making, particularly on business opportunities and participation in events, promos and other activities, both professional and personal. Follow-on investigative services based on information uncovered can be performed by T&M’s Investigations division upon request.
  • Residential Security Assessments
    T&M provides Residential Security Assessments that examine security measures in place at the home and offers recommendations for enhancement of security based on a client’s threat profile. Access control, CCTV surveillance, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and other technical security systems and strategies are evaluated against the client’s security needs. For residences in construction or under renovation, T&M provides complete security system design services, from conceptual planning, to bid assistance, system selection, installation and acceptance testing.  Consulting on ‘safe room’ and shelter-in-place requirements, family emergency evacuation planning, household staff vetting and background checks and other security-related services for the home is also conducted. For protection of the home network, T&M provides Wi-Fi heat mapping to identify rogue access points and offers solutions that detect and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Family Safety On-call Services
    T&M’s Family Safety On-call Services (T&M Family SOS) offers 24/7 security support for today’s modern family that is on-the-go and seeks the peace of mind that comes from a sophisticated and reliable risk mitigation firm. Our team of discreet and personable life safety professionals takes the time to get to know your family’s lifestyle and habits and assists with the development and implementation of customized, holistic family safety services. Stemming from our expertise in areas to include security consulting, personal protection and secure transportation, investigations, emergency planning, crisis management, cybersecurity, data forensics and worldwide destination intelligence, T&M offers families a uniquely customizable portfolio of premier security and investigations solutions.