Executive Protection

Today’s global executives and other high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented risks that require not only immediate on-the-ground protection, but also a high level of thorough security planning, coordination and management. T&M’s Executive Protection division provides intelligence-based security services supported by the T&M Command Center, a 24/7 operation offering intelligence information, situational awareness, emergency response coordination and security concierge services to clients worldwide. Clients include corporate executives, celebrities and other high net-worth individuals and their families who rely on T&M’s discreet, personal and professional security services to facilitate their business careers, public appearances, social activities and private lives, while protecting their property, assets, information and reputation.

Our unique approach is based on years of experience assessing risk and deploying experienced, local security teams, including personal protection and secure transportation, from our network of trusted security providers. Connectivity with federal law enforcement agencies and embassies enables T&M to obtain real-time, local intelligence at travel destinations around the world. Vetted agents and drivers are familiar with the routes of the travelers’ itineraries and the local roads. Assigned personnel often speak English, understand the local security landscape, know the way to local hospitals and are capable of assisting travelers during an emergency. Travelers are typically provided with photos and bios of the security team ahead of the trip for peace of mind.

T&M’s Executive Protection division is directed and supervised by Joseph M. Russo, a former U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in Charge who led the protection detail for former President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton. Mr. Russo joined T&M in 2004 to lead the start-up of this division which, under his strategic growth plan, has expanded from a single client to a worldwide service that protects hundreds of clients around the globe.

Clients, to include Fortune 100 corporations and high profile/high net-worth individuals and their families, benefit from Mr. Russo’s extensive experience and knowledge of security and protection issues. In addition to supervising the deployment of executive protection and secure transportation services, his expertise has proven to be particularly invaluable to clients seeking comprehensive security plans for complex multi-destination overseas travel and international corporate and non-profit special events and conferences, as these often occur in locations of heightened risk.

T&M’s protection and secure transportation services are consistent with the rigorous security standards used by U.S. government agencies. The goal of all assignments is to deploy the most threat-appropriate protective measures while minimizing intrusions into the protectee’s schedule and, when necessary, minimizing public exposure. T&M works with each client to develop a customized security plan that includes logistics and operations. Our extensive experience and global network of trusted domestic and international security partners enable us to provide protective services worldwide, to include even the most unstable or dangerous regions.

T&M Executive Protection provides:

  • Advance & Close-in Protection
  • Secure Transportation Services
  • Private & Corporate Event Security Services
  • Residential Protection Services
  • Protection Advance – Domestic and International
  • Counter-Surveillance Units
  • Family Safety On-call Services