Private Investigations

T&M conducts private investigations that stand up to the toughest scrutiny. Supported by a state of the art, 24 hour Command Center and a best in class Data Forensics team, our professional investigators, analysts and technical staff uncover the evidence needed to win cases or achieve the client’s goals. Information is provided on a timely basis and is accurate, thoroughly analyzed and professionally presented.

Results by the Rules is a concept that governs every case we handle. Information or evidence that is tainted by illegality or obtained through questionable tactics may be inadmissible in court. It may also present serious liabilities for the client. The rules of engagement for investigators have changed dramatically in recent years. Ignorance of those rules, or disregarding them, is simply not an option. Cases of attorneys and business executives being held legally accountable for the misconduct of their investigators are a reality. Far more common, but less well publicized, are instances of investigators obtaining information through improper means, damaging their client’s case and potentially causing irreparable harm.

At T&M, we begin every engagement by giving serious consideration to the legal and operational issues to conform our conduct to the ever-shifting boundaries of the law. We employ multiple redundant levels of legal oversight so that our clients get the required results, without unexpected liabilities.

T&M’s Private Investigations division offers clients discreet and personal assistance in all of the following areas:

  • Matrimonial, Custody & Domestic Matters
    Matrimonial/Child Custody Surveillance; Custodial Interference/Parental Abduction/Child Recovery Cases; Stalking/Harassment Cases; Financial and Asset Investigations/Verification of Net Worth Statements; E-Discovery Consulting and Support
  • Asset/Financial Investigations
    Locating Assets for Judgment Collection; Verification of Financial Statements; Pre-suit Investigation and Analysis; Fraudulent Conveyance Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
    Case Evaluation and Re-investigations for Victims/Complainants; Locate and Interview Witnesses; Crime Scene Inspections; White Collar Defense Investigations
  • Missing Person Cases
    Missing Children/Runaways; Special Needs Persons
  • Accident Investigations
    Auto/Construction/Industrial Accidents; Negligence Cases; Products Liability Suits
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
    Disability, Personal Injury, Property Damage and Theft Claims; Life Insurance Claims Investigations; Factual Investigations/Verification and Documentation of Claims
  • Litigation Support
    Expert Witness Profiles and Screening; Locate and Interview Witnesses; Collection of Physical Evidence; Video, Photographic and Audio Preservation of Evidentiary Matters; Public Record Retrieval/Freedom of Information Requests; Physical Forensics Services;
  • E-Discovery Consulting and Support Services