Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations

T&M’s Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations (SMCI) division provides consulting, training and investigations of sexual misconduct issues and allegations. Founded in 2011, SMCI today is comprised of a team of former prosecutors with expertise in sexual misconduct, domestic violence and child abuse who have worked with educational institutions, businesses, corporations, non-profits, law firms, professional sports teams and leagues and many other organizations throughout the United States. Throughout their careers, the SMCI team has investigated and supervised thousands of cases involving sexual assault and harassment, stalking, workplace violence, internet predators, unlawful surveillance and child pornography. Their advice helps organizations enhance safety and reduce the incidence of sexual misconduct as well as improve the quality of sexual misconduct investigations, which in turn can reduce the number of expensive and reputation-damaging lawsuits that get filed and mitigate the damages in those that do go forward.

SMCI is supported by T&M’s comprehensive suite of security and investigative capabilities, including a sophisticated Data Forensics division with in-house facilities to capture, recover and analyze data on cell phones, computers and other digital devices; an expert Private Investigations division to provide reliable background information and related investigative expertise as required; and a state-of-the-art Command Center that offers 24/7 intake of incident reports and coordinates follow-up and response activities.

T&M’s Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations solutions include:

  • Policy, Protocol & Reporting Procedures Assessment and/or Development
    T&M analyzes existing policies, procedures and protocols pertaining to all types of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual harassment, domestic/intimate partner violence, stalking, bullying, hazing and child abuse. We provide recommendations for enhancement and assist with the development and revision of existing policies, procedures and protocols with the goal of achieving a “gold standard” of diligence and assuring compliance with any applicable laws and regulations such as Title IX or the Campus SAVE Act. T&M also drafts and enhances workplace sexual harassment and misconduct policies.
  • Training, Education & Prevention Programs
    T&M develops and delivers customized and compelling training and educational programs. Experience includes programs designed for company employees and management; school administrators, faculty, students and their parents; camp staff and campers; adults who supervise children; college and university Title IX Coordinators, investigators, adjudicators and sanctioners; professional and collegiate sports team/league management and players; members of the clergy; and health, human resource and security professionals.
  • Investigations into Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
    T&M engages in sensitive, discreet and skilled investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct that include conducting interviews, gathering evidence and preparing detailed written reports of its findings in preparation for adjudication.
  • Evaluation of Response Efforts to Incidents or Claims of Sexual Misconduct
    T&M evaluates past responses to incidents or claims of sexual misconduct and provides recommendations for improved handling of responses in the future. SMCI’s experts offer specific and integrated steps to enhance reporting and response, improve safety, reduce financial liabilities, avoid scandal and rebuild trust with institutional stakeholders and with the public.
  • Litigation Support
    T&M offers subject matter expertise to attorneys responding to allegations of sexual misconduct by assisting with investigations and performing witness interviews and assessments.
  • Monitorships
    T&M serves as an outside, independent monitor to evaluate an organization’s on-going compliance with its own protocols, procedures and efforts to reduce sexual misconduct.