Cyber Incident Response

As information security breaches become more common and widespread, they have a greater impact on businesses and cause more disruptions and damage than ever before. T&M’s Cyber Incident Response Team specializes in responding to cyber security incidents and events that impact businesses and their end users. T&M’s cyber security experts perform sophisticated digital examinations of network intrusions and malicious software, as well as advanced adversary tactics and techniques. Our team utilizes the latest cutting-edge investigative, imaging, and recovery technologies, and is also well-equipped to handle investigative matters relating to cell phones and other mobile devices.

With years of experience in this fast growing industry, T&M’s Cyber Incident Response offers unparalleled service and a rapid response to identify, contain, eradicate and remediate security intrusions. Our team of cyber security experts is available 24/7 to respond to data security issues.

In addition to providing secure cyber incident response solutions, T&M also proactively assists businesses with the following:

  • Develop a best practices cyber incident response policy and plan.
  • Create efficient and effective procedures for cyber incident handling and reporting.
  • Train employees to identify and respond to information security incidents and events.
  • Assess regulatory requirements with regard to data privacy and data protection.
  • Establishing proper communication methods between the incident response team and other stakeholders within the organization, to include the legal department, human resources, executive management and law enforcement agencies.
  • Liaising with law enforcement on behalf of clients.