T&M Command Center

The T&M Command Center (“TMCC”) is a 24/7 state-of-the-art intelligence and emergency response coordination center. The TMCC merges client services and technology into an efficient, state-of-the-art operations center poised to meet the security and intelligence needs of individuals and businesses. Integral to T&M’s objective of being a source for international, regional and local security and intelligence information, the TMCC also serves as a central location for the supervision, command, control and coordination of response efforts in the event of a client crisis. Staffed by expert operators and information analysts who bring law enforcement and crisis management experience, the TMCC monitors and evaluates global information on a 24-hour basis and disseminates relevant data to T&M personnel, clients, security personnel and field agents to alert them to local security conditions. The TMCC also functions as a 24/7 emergency operations center and security/crisis concierge for T&M personnel and clients.

Key features and capabilities of the TMCC include:

    • Experienced operators and information analysts are on duty 24/7.
    • Analysts monitor global, regional and local security activities and incidents and send alerts via email.
    • Information sources include various subscription-only information sources that provide situational awareness and real-time incident notifications for destinations worldwide.
    • Global traveler security concierge services are available to respond to traveler needs.
    • Executive security, emergency evacuation and logistics coordination (domestic and international).
    • GPS-enabled personnel and vehicle tracking.
    • Worldwide travel destination intelligence and alert notifications for traveling executives and private individuals.
    • Duress monitoring services and response coordination.
    • Back-up corporate command center services.
    • Local traffic, mass transportation and airport conditions alerts via email.
    • Severe weather monitoring and alerts via email.

Please note: T&M’s Command Center is not, nor is it intended to be, a contracted alarm monitoring central station. However, T&M can recommend an alarm monitoring central station provider upon request.

Photos courtesy of Michael Priest Photography