As a quality oriented provider of premium security services, T&M offers career employment opportunities to highly motivated candidates who demonstrate a passion for excellence and have relevant experience and proven skills in the security industry.  In meeting the specific skills and experience requirements for each position opening, candidates must also successfully complete a rigorous background investigation and accept the terms and conditions of T&M’s “Standards of Employment.”

These “Standards of Employment” have been designed to ensure that employees have a clear understanding of T&M’s minimum expectations which include honesty, integrity, strong work ethic, a positive demeanor and professional appearance.

Professional Appearance

Employees will be expected to dress in corporate business attire or a T&M uniform as required by the specific position and/or division assigned.  Earrings, facial and/or loud/bold jewelry are strictly prohibited while on duty and/or present at the client worksite or any offices of T&M.  Mustaches are permissible but must not exceed the corners of the mouth.  Hair must be neatly trimmed.  Goatees, beards, long side burns or other facial hair prohibited.


Employees must be alert, maintain a professional demeanor and must be courteous and polite at all times.

Protection of Life & Property

Employees will be expected to comply with all T&M and Client instructions and procedures related to the security and safety of personnel and property.

Prohibited Conduct / Examples of Grounds for Termination

Prohibited conduct and examples of grounds for termination include using offensive/profane language; smoking on duty; sleeping on duty; allowing unauthorized persons to enter and/or remain at the worksite; soliciting in any form; unsatisfactory work performance; poor attendance; theft; falsifying company records; vandalism; unethical conduct or behavior; fraud or dishonesty; threatening others; unlawful or inappropriate manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, use, transfer, solicitation, purchase or sale of alcohol and/or controlled substances on company premises or while engaged in company business off company premises; unlawful or unauthorized possession of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument; insubordination; disruptive behavior; disorderly conduct; ethnic / racial / religious / sexist slurs; sexual harassment; violating published work rules; failure to renew security guard registration as required by law; failure to maintain mandatory training as required by law.