Robert S. Tucker, Esq.

Chairman & CEO

Eric Gribetz

Member of the Board

Shimon Talmor

Chief Executive Officer, T&M Israel


Anthony Escamilla

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Anthony LaPolla

Vice President, Finance

Damian Schwartz

Director, Technology Risk

Edward T. Cannon

Vice President, Security Consulting Services

Edward H. Woodhead

Vice President, Executive Protection

James J. DeStefano, J.D., CPP

Manager, Security Consulting Services

Jeff Bernstein

Managing Director, Information Security

Jennifer Buntman Indig

Managing Director, Business Intelligence & Analysis

John N. Aleles

Vice President, Administration

John D. Bell

Executive Director, Compliance Technology

John M. Bozzuto Jr.

Regional Director, Executive Protection

Joseph M. Russo

Senior Vice President, Executive Protection

Julie Freudenheim, J.D.

Managing Director, Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations

Kira M. El Boury

Vice President & Chief of Staff

Laura Kirschstein, J.D.

Vice President, Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations

Michael J. Mansfield, J.D.

Vice President, Special Projects

Michael T. Pascarelli

Director, Private Investigations

Nicholas G. Himonidis, J.D., CFE, CCFS

Vice President, Private Investigations

Paul G. Lewis

Vice President, Technology Risk

Robert Figgers, CPP

Senior Consultant, Security Consulting Services

Simon M. Ragona III, EnCE, CCE

Director, Data Forensics

Steven Gutstein

Vice President & General Counsel

Takashi Osawa


Advisors & Consultants

Arik Arad

Senior Advisor

James A. Francis, CPP, CFSO

Senior Consultant

John B. Goldsborough

Senior Advisor to the Chairman & CEO

Robert Trotta


Robert H. Silbering

Special Advisor to the Chairman & CEO

Rocco DeBenedetto

Senior Consultant, Security Consulting Services

Ted Price

Senior Advisor

Thomas L. Sheer

Senior Advisor & Consultant