Cyber Alert: Surge in Phishing Attacks Targeting Law Firms

Your email system could be hacked! T&M is aware of a surge in phishing attacks emanating from law firms this week. This type of cyber attack occurs when email credentials are stolen, usually by a previous successful phishing attack, and a hacker infiltrates your email system.  The hacker then uses the hijacked email account to send malicious emails to your clients and other contacts that encourage the recipients to click on a link that usually leads to malware being downloaded on the recipient's computer. Another method the hacker will use is to send an email with an attachment that, once opened, executes malware on the recipient's computer. What is so threatening about this type of malware is that it typically functions as a credential harvester and sends the hacker your username and password, or worse yet, installs ransomware on your system encrypting all of your data!
phishing attack
Be diligent! Remember the following cyber best practices to protect your information:
  • NEVER click on a link or an attachment from someone you don't know.
  • Call the email sender to confirm the validity of the email you received. Oftentimes, hackers will infiltrate an email account and send an email response to a thread, so it looks like a trusted email.
  • Review the sender's email address to confirm it is accurate. Hackers are registering domains that look very similar to the real domain in order to deceive their victims.
  • Hover your mouse over the link (WITHOUT ACTUALLY CLICKING ON IT) to see where the website link is actually going to send you.
If you click on a link or open an attachment and you think it may have been malicious, disconnect your computer from the Internet immediately, have the computer fully scanned and any malware removed, and change your passwords using a different computer. 
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