Cyber Security Tips for the New Laptop/Device Travel Restriction

As you know, on Tuesday, March 21st, the United States and Britain announced a new travel restriction banning passengers from carrying devices including laptops, iPads and other devices larger than a cell phone, aboard inbound flights. It is estimated that the current ban will impact approximately 50 flights each day in the United States and authorities are already reporting the possibility that additional countries will be added to the restricted list in the weeks to come. 


Checking or shipping laptops and other devices poses security risks for data protection and information security. Here are some quick tips from T&M’s Paul Lewis, Vice President of Technology Risk on traveling under the new restriction:  

  • Stay productive, but leave the device at home. Avoid bringing your laptop altogether by storing data in Box or DropBox and then accessing these files from your smart phone. Note that you will need cellular data or internet service, and you may need to use a proxy service to access your data.

  • Need your device to travel with you? If you have to ship or check your device, make sure you encrypt your data. 

T&M’s Technology Risk division is well-versed in the technical challenges associated with this new laptop/device travel restriction and has solutions to help you stay productive and keep your information safe while traveling.