Technical Surveillance Countermeasures - An Overview

Have you heard of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, TSCM's or sweeps and wondered what exactly these surveys entailed or whether they would be beneficial to you or your organization? T&M is pleased to offer the following overview, which includes the basics on what you need to know to better understand this service and how it can provide you or your organization peace of mind.

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For starters, what are Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (“TSCM”)?

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, commonly referred to as “sweeps,” are conducted when there is a concern regarding hidden video or audio devices in a defined area. Sweeps, which include a physical inspection and an electronic analysis, detect and uncover covert surveillance devices, which may include items such as microphones, mini recorders, cameras or other listening, recording or video capture devices.

Under what circumstances do businesses conduct sweeps? Do individuals ever request these services?

Companies concerned about corporate espionage schedule unannounced but routine sweeps of areas where sensitive business matters are discussed, such as C-suite offices, conference rooms and board rooms. Companies will oftentimes also schedule a sweep prior to shareholders meetings to help ensure that the meeting room is free of covert devices.

Individuals, too, request TSCM sweeps. Individuals who regularly host social events at home, such as fundraisers or other gatherings where the attendees may not all be personally known, should consider TSCM services. TSCM services for individuals often extend beyond the residence and can include vacation homes, vehicles, personal aircraft and watercraft.

What exactly happens during a TSCM?

TSCM services are conducted by experienced technicians who perform both a physical examination and electronic analysis of the area of concern.

The physical examination is just what it sounds like! Technicians perform a meticulous physical inspection of the designated area, to include items such as furniture, artwork, window treatments, plants, electronics, telephones and cabling, to identify hidden devices or spot evidence of tampering.

To conduct the electronic analysis, technicians utilize sophisticated equipment that can detect the presence of radio frequency transmitting devices, which may indicate a concealed audio or video surveillance device.   

Can services for businesses be scheduled after-hours to avoid attracting employee attention?

Absolutely. If a company wants to avoid attracting the attention of employees, and especially if there is a concern with an internal breach of trust, it is advisable that services be conducted off-hours and that knowledge of the services to be conducted be limited to only key individuals with a need-to-know.

What are the benefits of T&M’s TSCM services?

T&M’s services offer businesses and individuals the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are following best practices and doing what they can to detect eavesdropping, all in an effort to help keep their companies or families and reputations safe.

In addition to the services themselves, after every sweep, T&M offers clients not just a comprehensive report of its findings, but also a customized and detailed list of security-enhancing recommendations that the client can implement to help preserve the area surveyed long after T&M’s technicians have left. In this way, T&M not only helps identify current security vulnerabilities, but also empowers clients to maintain sustainable security practices long after the conclusion of services. 

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