Fast-Adapting Information Security Services for Evolving Threats

Protecting electronic information is an ongoing process, continuously challenged by those who want to cause harm to businesses and individuals. That’s why finding the right information security consultants to advise and guide you is crucial.

Actively Identify & Assess Information Security Gaps

With a growing number of threats to electronic data, individuals and businesses must identify security vulnerabilities that can be exploited. T&M assists with identifying areas of weakness that can potentially put your reputation, business, employees and clients at risk.

To identify information security vulnerabilities, we assess your framework—from data centers to end-user mobile devices. T&M’s information security analysts offer:

We provide services ranging from social engineering studies to Fractional Chief Information Security Officer services. T&M’s information security consultants craft strategic plans that will fit your specific needs. Our clients’ information security requirements aren’t one-size-fits-all, neither is our approach.

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Your Network's Guardian Angel

Proactively protect and monitor your home network with T&M Guardian. Protect the end-user devices that are vulnerable to attacks that your firewall can’t detect.

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Don't Be Passive in the Face of Cyber Threats

T&M's TraceBait is a revolutionary information security service that sheds light on data exposed to malicious attacks and where that data is landing.

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Be Prepared for the Next Cyber Phishing Scam

Develop and deploy simulated phishing attacks designed to test and evaluate your organization’s security awareness.

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Keep Your Private Information PRIVATE in Today's Digital Age

Is your personal information secure and protected? You may be surprised to learn what you think is private, isn’t. T&M can train your organization on safe social media usage.

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Prevention, Planning and Training

Once an accurate assessment is compiled and analyzed, we work with your in-house IT and security teams to create customized and effective policies and plans that will help keep your electronic information safe. With the data we gather from testing, we advise on best practices and controls and train your team on how they can prevent future information security breaches.

Let's discuss your challenges and how T&M can deliver a solution that offers peace of mind.


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