Prepare for the Year Ahead
2017 Security, Cyber, Intelligence & Investigations Predictions and Trends

This guide will help you maximize security, mitigate risks and make more informed decisions in 2017.

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Securing your people, data and assets is no longer merely reactive and one-dimensional. Today's unpredictable world of unprecedented risks requires a proactive, comprehensive strategy that includes long-term security, cyber, intelligence and investigative solutions.

When you download and review this guide, you will:

  • Learn about evolving threats to data security and progressive tactics to thwart them
  • Discover the best practices for planning against workplace violence and active shooter incidents
  • Become more aware while traveling domestically & abroad  with security risk trends
  • Learn how to protect your company and its executives online against reputational or physical threats 
  • Better identify fraud trends and the techniques used to uncover them

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