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Since 1981, T&M, headquartered in New York City with operations worldwide, has evolved to become a leading provider of seamlessly integrated security, cyber, intelligence and investigative solutions. Over the years, our clients’ needs have changed, and we have too, but our mission never has.

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T&M is dedicated to being your primary resource for security, cyber, intelligence and investigative solutions. In today's unpredictable world of unprecedented risks, we use a collaborative approach to provide the most holistic and cost-effective mitigation strategies and services. To assist our clients, we employ experienced and highly skilled subject matter experts who have backgrounds in prosecution, law enforcement and the private sector. We are committed to delivering sophisticated and discreet solutions and we always seek to exceed our clients' expectations.

Robert S. Tucker
Chairman & CEO

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T&M Throughout the Years


January 1981

T&M was founded by Robert Trotta and John Molloy, who left the NYPD to pursue their vision of developing a premium security organization that would meet the growing demand for high-level protective services in New York City. Among the first security firms to effectively utilize the services of off-duty police officers, T&M was also a pioneer in adhering to the highest standards for recruitment and training – well in advance of the New York State Security Guard Act of 1992.


January 1999

T&M was reorganized as T&M Protection Resources by its current Chairman and CEO, Robert S. Tucker, a former prosecutor who previously served as the special assistant to the District Attorney of Queens County, New York.


March 2004

T&M acquired the assets of Forensic Investigative Associates Inc. (“FIA”), an international investigations company that provided corporate investigations and intelligence services, due diligence, monitorships and risk management services to clients around the world. Robert H. Silbering, T&M’s Special Advisor to the Chairman, and Steven Gutstein, T&M’s Vice President & General Counsel, joined T&M from FIA following this acquisition, with Mr. Silbering having previously served as FIA’s President.

March 2004

John B. (“Jack”) Goldsborough joined T&M as Executive Vice President. Today, Mr. Goldsborough is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

February 2004

Joseph M. Russo joined T&M as Vice President of Special Operations following a distinguished twenty-year career with the U.S. Secret Service, where he served as Special Agent in Charge of the Clinton Protective Division. Today, Mr. Russo is Senior Vice President of Executive Protection, a division which he has created and led since joining T&M.


November 2007

Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P., a private equity fund manager, announces its minority investment in T&M. Established in 1995, Pegasus provides capital to middle market companies across a wide variety of industries and manages over $1.8 billion in assets through several private equity funds.

January 2007

James A. Francis joined T&M as Vice President and the founding member of the Security Consulting Services division. Mr. Francis was Senior Vice President of that division when he retired in June 2014 and currently serves as a Senior Consultant to the company.


April 2009

Paul G. Lewis joined T&M as Vice President of Data Forensics. Since joining the company, Mr. Lewis has been strategically expanding the capabilities of T&M in the areas of technology risk.


November 2010

Nicholas G. Himonidis joined T&M as Vice President of Private Investigations after more than ten years as President and Founder of The NGH Group.

February 2010

T&M relocated its corporate headquarters to 230 Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan.


November 2011

Michael J. Mansfield joined T&M as Vice President of Corporate Investigations following 29 years in public service, notably as a top prosecutor in the Queens District Attorney’s Office and most recently as commissioner and chair of the City of New York Business Integrity Commission (BIC), a position he held since 2007. Mr. Mansfield currently serves as Vice President of Special Projects and oversees the operations of the Health Care Fraud & Abuse unit.

October 2011

Lisa M. Friel joined T&M as Vice President and founding member of the Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations division following a distinguished 25 year career as a Manhattan prosecutor. In the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Ms. Friel specialized in sex crimes cases and was the Chief of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney’s Office for nearly a decade and its Deputy Chief for 11 years.


December 2012

T&M announced the transfer of ownership of its Security Officer Services division to Universal Protection Service. The sale included all T&M security officer services contracts and related management and operations personnel.


March 2013

T&M consolidated Corporate and Private Investigations into a single business division, Investigations, under the leadership of Vice President Nicholas G. Himonidis.


September 2014

Paul Genzburg joined T&M as Senior Vice President of Security Consulting Services and Investigations. Prior to joining T&M, Mr. Genzburg served as the Vice President of Global Security for Ziff Brothers Investments, the personal security advisor to the Ziff brothers and the Chief Security Officer for financier George Soros and his family, as well as The Soros Foundation and Soros Fund Management. Mr. Genzburg began his career as an agent for the U.S. State Department, serving tours in New York, Moscow, El Salvador and Beirut.

August 2014

Duncan Levin, the former Chief of Asset Forfeiture for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and federal prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice, joined T&M as Senior Vice President of Financial Investigations. In this role, he will bring his expertise in state and federal asset forfeiture, money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) investigations to T&M’s growing list of clients in the financial services and law enforcement sectors.

May 2014

John McMahon joined T&M as Managing Director of the Celebrity Protection & Logistics group, marking the expansion of T&M’s Executive Protection division to include services catered specifically to the needs of celebrities, sports professionals and other high-profile individuals and their families.

March 2014

Marjory Fisher joined T&M’s Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations following a distinguished career as a New York prosecutor, working in both Brooklyn and Queens County. Prior to joining T&M, Ms. Fisher was the Bureau Chief of Special Victims at the Queens District Attorney’s Office, a position she held for over two decades. Ms. Fisher currently serves as Senior Managing Director.

Joseph Croce also joined T&M in March and serves as Director of the Health Care Fraud & Abuse unit, which offers managed care organizations, independent practice associations, medical providers and law firms with health care fraud, waste and abuse management services and litigation support.


April 2015

Laura Kirschstein was promoted to Vice President of Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations. Since joining T&M in 2012, Ms. Kirschstein has played an instrumental role in the rapid growth and development of the division, which provides consulting, training and investigative services in the areas of sexual assault, abuse, harassment, boundary guidelines and proper investigatory techniques during sexual misconduct allegation cases.

March 2015

In March, T&M combined its Data Forensics, Information Security, Cyber Incident Response and Compliance Technology Consulting units into one overarching business division – Technology Risk. Led by Paul G. Lewis, Technology Risk is devoted to helping organizations, institutions and governments confidently and securely conduct electronic business, protect against cyber-attack, contain data breaches, recover critical information and comply with state, federal and foreign regulators.

March 2015

T&M partitioned its Investigations division into two separate business divisions: Business Intelligence & Analysis, led by Jennifer Buntman Indig, and Private Investigations, led by Nicholas G. Himonidis.


April 2016

In April, Anthony (“Tony”) Escamilla joined T&M as Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Escamilla brings to T&M over twenty-eight years of diverse industry experience, having most recently worked as the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Allied Fiber, LLC. In June 2016, after more than a decade of service, John (“Jack”) B. Goldsborough retired from his role as T&M’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He now serves in a consulting role to T&M as Senior Advisor to the Chairman & CEO.

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Our Team

Joseph M. Russo
Michael J. Mansfield, J.D.
Edward H. Woodhead
John M. Bozzuto Jr.
Edward T. Cannon
James J. DeStefano, J.D., CPP
Rocco DeBenedetto
Robert Figgers, CPP
John A. Chirillo II
Paul G. Lewis
Lauren Mack, J.D.
John D. Bell
Simon M. Ragona III, EnCE, CEE
Damian Schwartz
Charles Meyer
Anthony Spaventa, CFE
Samuel K. Solesi, Jr., CPA
Michael T. Pascarelli
Thomas L. Sheer
Robert H. Silbering
Robert Trotta
James A. Francis, CPP, CFSO
Arik Arad
John N. Aleles
Ted Price
Steven Gutstein
Kira M. El Boury
Shimon Talmor
Robert S. Tucker, Esq.
John B. Goldsborough
Takashi Osawa
Eric Gribetz
Laura Kirschstein, J.D.
Julie Freudenheim, J.D.

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